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Cascade City

Art Direction & Design: Zoe Sofianos
Web Design: Patricia Bernal
Creative Director: Si Hyunh

A new landmark among Richmond’s skyline. Cascade City was a unique real estate project influenced by the topography of nature, and needed collateral that brought the architecture to life. Print materials, website, and design direction for sales centre millwork were done for the developer.

Brochure & Floorplans

Both the sales brochure and the floorplan brochure were designed with premium touches such as embossing, layered foil, and a custom fold-out page that gave a nod to the distinct cascading architecture. I gave direction and supported our digital team to ensure the website included these considerations and felt consistent with the established look & feel.

In addition, our team visited the architect's office to gather content and preliminary models & sketches to include as part of the design story.

Sales Centre & Signage

Similar to the brochure, Sales centre millwork was designed to echo the planes found in the building's architecture. Tonal 3D type, white back-lit panels, and larger-than life acrylic prints added visual interest and an elevated experience. 

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